My 365: March 29- February 4th

Wow! I am so behind on editing!!! Sorry for the late post. We had a crazy busy week. Ethan was sick Monday thru Wednesday. Ryan got sick Friday. We made the trip up to MN for my sister’s wedding shower AND Easter!! And now I am pooped and have so much to do!! The laundry is everywhere, bags to unpack… did I mention we still have not put away one of our Christmas trees? Yes that is right folks! Sooo this week I have a list and I am going to get it all done!!! Edit last weeks photos check! And it was such an amazing week despite the craziness 🙂

3:29:2015 BT1_8642-Edit BT1_8653 BT1_8666-Edit 3:30:2015 BT1_8681-Edit BT1_8809-Edit BT1_8807-Edit 3:31:2015 BT1_8817BT1_88284:1:2015 4:2:2015 4:3:2015 4:4:2015 BT1_8930 BT1_9004 BT1_9017-Edit


My 365: March 22-28th

It was my birthday this week. I could not have asked for a better birthday week. My husband had Garrets popcorn (the most delicious popcorn ever! like pregnancy cravings kind of popcorn even when you are not pregnant) shipped in for my gift and I finally hit the buy button on a new lens I have been drooling over for the past year. And my most favorite gifts of all, my sister came to visit, and she helped Ethan and Quinn make me a cake and some homemade birthday cards! Melt this mama’s heart!!! I hope everyone out there had an amazing week! Now that I am in a popcorn coma I am going to veg in bed today and do some laundry… adults can take naps with their kids right 🙂

3:24:2015 3:23:2015 3:25:2015 3:22:2015 BT1_8512-Edit BT1_8516-Edit BT1_8513-Edit 3:26:2015 shining BT1_8522-Edit BT1_8523-Edit BT1_8526-Edit BT1_8532 BT1_8535-Edit BT1_8537-Edit-Edit   3:27:2015 3:28:2015 BT1_8592 BT1_8589 BT1_8588

My 365: March 15-21

Lots of sun this week and that made some pooped kiddos by the end of the day. We took a little trip to the zoo and Quinn got her face painted and Ethan got a Tattoo. They had a blast. Ethan had spring break and he had a lot of fun with his cousins… pretty sure however Lindy cannot wait for school to start up again 🙂

3:17:2015 3:18:365 3:16:365 BT1_8129-Edit 3:15:2015 3:19:2015 3:20:2015BT1_83403:21:2015 BT1_8382

Monthly blog challenge: Motion

My little princess. We saw Cinderella this weekend and all she wanted was to dress up and be a princess. I love this age of imagination and magic, and lots and lots of  motion. She is rarely sitting still and I love that about her!

BT1_8074-Edit BT1_8070-Edit BT1_8059-Edit BT1_8065 BT1_8058-Edit BT1_8054-Edit BT1_8043-Edit BT1_8030-Edit BT1_8031-Edit BT1_8038-Edit

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My 365: March 8-14

Wow what a beautiful week! We had sunny skies and temps up to 70 degrees F. We did nothing but bask in this early spring and enjoy it. I also did a lot of practicing of freelensing and my lensbaby. What a great way to get out of a rut. Do something different! I have a long way to go but it was fun experimenting. Have a great week everyone.

BT1_8021-Edit 3:14:2015 DSC_0953 3:9:2015 BT1_7776-Edit-Edit 3:8:2015 BT1_7953-Edit 3:13:2015 3:12:2015 BT1_7937-Edit BT1_7878 3:11:2015 3:10:2015

My 365: March 1-7

It has been warming up and I hope so will  my photos. I have had fun exploring the loveliness of low light, but it is time to add some flare (pun intended). This week we have just been getting back into the swing of things after Vegas. Mainly just enjoying the sun!

BT1_7565 BT1_7545 BT1_7538-Edit BT1_7535-Edit BT1_7528-Edit

DSC_0841-Edit 3:7:2015 BT1_7665-Edit-Edit BT1_7689 BT1_7688 3:6:2015 BT1_7701 BT1_7660-Edit-2 BT1_7621 3:4:2015 3:5:2015 3:3:2015 BT1_7573-Edit 3:2:2015 BT1_7590


My 365: Febuary 22-28

We had a very busy week this week. My little sister had a big birthday. I am so proud of her and was so excited to celebrate with her. Each memory you have with someone you care about is a snapshot in your soul. I cherish my family and I am so lucky to have so many friends and family that love me. I am also grateful to have these beautiful memories to look back on.

BT1_7287-Edit BT1_7271 2:28:2015 BT1_7496-Edit 2:27:20151 2:27:2015 2:26:2015 BT1_7472 2:25:2015jpg BT1_7333 BT1_7356 2:22:2015 BT1_7382 2:23:2015 BT1_7379 BT1_7396 BT1_7403 2:24:2015 BT1_7424

My 365: Febuary 15-21 2015

We have been doing great with potty training. I am so proud of our little miss. Ethan has been reading up a storm and I cannot believe how much he has grown this year in Kindergarten. I just signed up for his last conference of the year! We have been basically hibernating recently.  Lots of cuddles and snuggles and trying to stay warm in this arctic weather. Hope you all had a good week. I am sorry for the late post. I just need to take a breath sometimes. I think my brain has shut down for the winter…. anyone else with me 🙂

2:15:2015 2:16:2015 2:17:2015 2:19:2015 2:20:2015 2:21:2015 BT1_7227-Edit BT1_7223 BT1_7239 BT1_7140-Edit editingwithmom

Monthly photo challenge: <3 Hearts <3

This week our challenge was hearts. Quinn got this little bear last year on Valentines Day and it is one of her favorites. She is so motherly. Always putting her stuffed animals to bed, teaching them to go pee pee on the potty and pretty much just dragging them everywhere. I love her big heart. Oh and also this little bear is covered in hearts…

BT1_7117-Edit BT1_7112-Edit BT1_7127-Edit BT1_7119-Edit





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My 365: 2/8-2/14

A special little girl had a huge week this week!!! HUGE!!! She is officially potty trained. After countless attempts over the last year she did it!!! We are so proud of her!!! This overshadowed Valentines Day for us… NO MORE POOPY DIAPERS!!! need I say more 🙂

2:8:2015 BT1_6816 2:9:2015 2:10:2015 2:11:2015 2:12:2015 2:13:2015 2:14:2015 BT1_6980-Edit