My 365: May 1-13

And our crazy summer continues. I love summer, and being outside what can I say! Unfortunately when it means choosing a nice cold drink and sitting on the patio or shutting myself up in my office and editing… hands down the patio wins every time! I have taken a million photos and this is a […]

My 365: May 24-31

I do not even know where to begin. The month of may has just been a whirlwind. So many big things in my life and the lives of the ones I love. It feels so strange to not have anything that needs to be planned or fixed, or celebrated. This week is blogged late because […]

My 365: May 17-23

Quinn turned 3! Her birthday party was not till Sunday so her party photos will be on the next blog post. She had a Birthday weekend with lots of love and friends and family all around her! Her biggest milestone at 3 is moving out of mommy and daddy’s bed. We attempted to get her […]

My 365: May 3-16

This month has just shot by. I am catching up today with photos from a couple weeks ago. I didn’t have time to blog them last week because I was in Chicago!!!! It was so fun. I am still recovering from sleep deprivation but I have to say hands down best brochette party ever! The […]

My 365: April 26- May 2

Lots of amazing sun this week. And we took full advantage!!!! We could not keep Quinn inside, and Ethan was always off playing with his friends (thus limited photos of my little man this week). He did however run his first 1K! He did so well and got 6th place! We are are so proud […]

My 365 : April 19-25

We had a very rainy week here. Until today it has been gloomy. Because of the gloomy rain however the flowers are blooming and today the sun finally came out! I had a few later days at work so it was nice to just come home to my amazing family and just snuggle under the […]

My 365: April 12-18

We had a few warm days this week and took full advantage. Aunt Lindy even spoiled the kids with a little pool fun! Quinn refused to get out the little stink! Even though the water was freezing!!! We also got to meet Rossie our neighbors guinea pig.  Everyone loved her to pieces. She was so […]

My 365: April 4- 11

We spent a lovely Easter in Minnesota! The kids had so much fun seeing their cousins and it was so nice to catch up with family. I wish so much that we all lived closer.  We had a huge Easter egg hunt for the kids in my dad’s back yard. If you happen to follow […]