My 365: August 2nd-30th

This has been a month of change for our family. Good and sad. Ethan turns 7 in just a few more days. Last Monday was his first day of second grade!! Quinn is starting preschool tomorrow. My little girl has grown into to an independent 3 year old in a blink of an eye. I am in shock at how fast this summer has gone by, how fast life goes. I never truly grasped that until I had children. I count my years by their milestones. Their achievements.

We lost Ryan’s grandmother this month. She was a driving force. She planned her funeral down to the sandals on her feet. She wrote letters to her children and as one was read all I could think about is what I would say to my children. How do you say goodbye? Lets just hope I have a long time to figure that one out. Time goes to fast. Funerals  of loved ones drive that one home. Don’t regret. Learn. Love with every fiber of your being and do not let the moments pass. Stop, step back and take a breath and enjoy it, feel it!

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