My 365: July 12- August 1

I am so sorry for my absence lately. We have been swept up in the crazy fun and busyness of summer. We have been to the zoo, the water park, the lake, the amusement park, camp, swim lessons, the air force museum, and that is just a few of the things we have been up to the last 20 days.

Quinn has gone from being terrified of the water to our little fish this summer. Ethan has shot up like a weed I cannot believe how tall he is and his reading is just amazing. It is like it just clicked all of the sudden. Ryan is finally selling old “red truck”. His first new vehicle. We got it before we were married and we have just outgrown its extended cab. It will be sad when it sells.

Quinn is getting a big girl bed aka a bed big enough to fit her and her brother since she will not sleep alone and his little twin bed is a little cramped for the both of them. So full size bed for the pint size princess! They both are so excited!

I hope everyone is having as much fun as we are this summer. I have had so much fun I forgot for the first time in this project to take a photo one day. No joke I was so disappointed in myself. I woke up the next morning and thought “omg I never took my photo yesterday!!!”. I was so bummed!! But I have made it over halfway thru the year and I am not giving up. Everyone needs a makeup day right. I guess January 1st will be mine 😉 I have had trouble getting back on track and did 2 iphone photos this week….. but as I sat here today editing 44 photos!!! they that is right 44!!! I remember why I am doing this. And how much I am growing in just one year and the amazing memories I am capturing.

7:12:2015 7:13:2015 BT1_2129 7:14:2015 BT1_2157 7:15:2015 BT1_2194-Edit BT1_2199-Edit 7:16:2015 7:17:2015 7:18:2015 BT1_2254-Edit BT1_2300-Edit BT1_2339-Edit BT1_2314-Edit 7:20:2015 BT1_2348-Edit BT1_2356-Edit BT1_2405-Edit 7:21:2015 7:22:2015 BT1_2431-Edit BT1_2436-Edit 7:23:2015 BT1_2475 7:24:2015 BT1_2487-Edit BT1_2495-Edit BT1_2506-Edit BT1_2504 BT1_2539-Edit 7:25:2015 7:26:2015 BT1_2632-Edit BT1_2647-Edit BT1_2651-Edit 7:27:2015 7:28:2015 7:29:2015 7:30:2015 BT1_2714-Edit 7:31:2015

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset


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