My 365: June 14-27

This summer just keeps flying by. I cannot believe July is just around the corner. We have been enjoying lots of baseball and ice cream! We went up to Minnesota for fathers day weekend. Caught a Twins v Cubs game and had a blast! My dad and Kristy were sad the Twins lost but Sean and Ryan were ecstatic the Cubs won!! I will stay Switzerland. We started a tradition my parents used to do with us on the way up to the cabin. “Ice Cream Break”. So halfway thru our destination we stop and take an ice cream break and get the wiggles out. In the colder months this may have to be hot chocolate 🙂 Also Ethan had his last 2 baseball games this week for the season. He has grown leaps and bounds!! his coaches were so great and cannot say enough about them…. can you request coaches in t-ball?  All in all we have just been enjoying the summer. It has really been a great one so far!

6:14:2015 6:15:2015 6:16:2015 BT1_1204-Edit 6:17:2015 6:18:2015 6:19:2015 6:20:2015 6:21:2015 BT1_1478-Edit6:22:2015 6:23:2015 6:24:2015 BT1_1519 BT1_15556:25:20156:26:2015 BT1_1599-EditBT1_1642-EditBT1_1671-Edit BT1_1676-Edit BT1_1681-Edit BT1_1616 BT1_1614BT1_1700-Edit6:27:2015

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