My 365: May 1-13

And our crazy summer continues. I love summer, and being outside what can I say! Unfortunately when it means choosing a nice cold drink and sitting on the patio or shutting myself up in my office and editing… hands down the patio wins every time! I have taken a million photos and this is a long blog post, but I had to wait till this rainy day to get some editing done. We have done a lot of playing outside, and in the pool. This week we went to a night icubs game and saw fire works, a parade, got ice cream, went swimming and met  “Ernie the Keebler Elf” !  I hope everyone else has had a wonderful few weeks also. Sorry for the short post, There is a couch downstairs with my name on it and my lovely family to snuggle up with and watch a movie. Rainy summer days are good 2 🙂

IMG_2654 BT1_1080-Edit BT1_1076-Edit BT1_1074-Edit BT1_1073-Edit IMG_2637-Edit 6:12:2015 6:11:2015 BT1_1051-Edit 6:10:2105 6:9:2015 6:8:2015 BT1_1004-Edit BT1_0987-Edit 6:7:2015 BT1_0917-Edit 6:6:2015 BT1_0876-Edit BT1_0860 BT1_0847-Edit BT1_0834-Edit BT1_0830-Edit-Edit BT1_0821-Edit 6:5:2015 6:4:2015 6:3:2015 6:2:2015 6:1:2015

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