My 365: May 24-31

I do not even know where to begin. The month of may has just been a whirlwind. So many big things in my life and the lives of the ones I love. It feels so strange to not have anything that needs to be planned or fixed, or celebrated. This week is blogged late because I needed time to think how to even put into words how special this week was.

First my baby girl celebrated her 3rd birthday. Everyday she becomes more and more independent. She is so witty… and sassy 🙂 She always has a one liner. She is a “Pfaff” thru and thru. She has so much of that side in her it cracks me up. She is always there with a smile and those big eyelashes to make your heart melt and for you to forget any anger or sadness. How could we have ever thought of a life without her.

And then there was my baby sisters wedding. She had the most amazing wedding weekend. We stayed that the most incredible resort and had so much fun! The kids swam (and yes they are crazy because it was freezing!) And I got to see so many old friends and meet so many new ones. It truly was a joining of two incredible families. I started bawling while giving my speech… I am so not good at speeches. But the tears were pure joy for my sister and Sean. They are starting a new chapter in their life together and I am so excited for them! I am so happy that Kristy has found someone that makes her smile, and loves her with his whole heart.

Special shout out to The Gathering Place an amazing place to vacation and one we truly plan on returning to. And to Dani Stephenson the most incredible and patient photographer. I am pretty sure neither Kristy or I would have made it thru without you. It is true photographers are therapists in times of crisis

So now I start an uneventful month. Just me, my camera, and my family.

5:24:2015 BT1_0422-Edit BT1_0427 BT1_04465:25:2015 5:26:20155:27:2015 BT1_0541-Edit BT1_0537-Edit BT1_0549-Edit BT1_0569-Edit BT1_0545 5:28:2015 BT1_0674-Edit BT1_0660-EditBT1_0685-Edit-2-EditBT1_0579 BT1_0703 BT1_0708 BT1_0720BT1_0716-EditBT1_0724-Edit 5:29:2015 BT1_0739 BT1_0738 5:30:2015 BT1_07495:31:2015

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