My 365: June 14-27

This summer just keeps flying by. I cannot believe July is just around the corner. We have been enjoying lots of baseball and ice cream! We went up to Minnesota for fathers day weekend. Caught a Twins v Cubs game and had a blast! My dad and Kristy were sad the Twins lost but Sean […]

My 365: May 1-13

And our crazy summer continues. I love summer, and being outside what can I say! Unfortunately when it means choosing a nice cold drink and sitting on the patio or shutting myself up in my office and editing… hands down the patio wins every time! I have taken a million photos and this is a […]

My 365: May 24-31

I do not even know where to begin. The month of may has just been a whirlwind. So many big things in my life and the lives of the ones I love. It feels so strange to not have anything that needs to be planned or fixed, or celebrated. This week is blogged late because […]