My 365: May 17-23

Quinn turned 3! Her birthday party was not till Sunday so her party photos will be on the next blog post. She had a Birthday weekend with lots of love and friends and family all around her! Her biggest milestone at 3 is moving out of mommy and daddy’s bed. We attempted to get her a big girl bed, but she just wasn’t ready to sleep on her own. So loving big brother said it was ok for her to sleep in his bed. I cannot believe how close they are. He is her protector and her best friend and I am so happy that they are such amazing siblings. I know they will share this bond for the rest of their life. Just as Ryan and his siblings have, and my sister and I have.

We have been going thru some things that have kept me busy and absent from photos. Because of this I have decided to still take a photo a day but give myself a break and do it on my iphone every once in a while. I love my big camera but when your mind is elsewhere or you body is too tired to run and get it, that iphone is oh so handy 🙂 I am off tomorrow for my sisters wedding vacation (5day weekend). I hope everyone is having an amazing spring! It’s a little wet around here but oh so green 🙂

5:23:215 5:21:2015 BT1_0315 5:20:2015 5:19:2015 BT1_0292-Edit BT1_0283-Edit BT1_0268-Edit 5:18:2015 5:17:2015

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

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