Monthly Challenge: Get in front of the camera with your kids

Don’t laugh but since I have an incredibly talented sister in law who shoots amazing photos, and lives next door…. I rarely have the need to try and figure out how to get in front of the camera. That being said there are a lot of times that I am absent from major events in our lives because I hide behind my camera. I hope, now that I have finally put the effort in and figured out my self timer that may change. At least a little bit more often.

My kids were so excited for this. We were making some cookies for the road trip to Wisconsin for my sisters wedding. We had so much fun. Dad was out mowing the lawn so we just took over the kitchen. We blasted the music. We used measuring cups as drums and shortening sticks as microphones. It is so special to have memories like this. Both my children love to bake. Ethan’s attention span is a little less then his sisters but he just loved being silly and spending time with his mom. Being a mom to these wonderful children is my greatest accomplishment and I need to soak it all up! These photos my not be technically perfect, but they are priceless!!!!


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