My 365: May 3-16

This month has just shot by. I am catching up today with photos from a couple weeks ago.

I didn’t have time to blog them last week because I was in Chicago!!!! It was so fun. I am still recovering from sleep deprivation but I have to say hands down best brochette party ever! The first night started out with amazing food and drinks at The Franklin Room. By far hands down the best eating experience I have ever had. My cousin Tony Glover (general manager) was amazing. He opened my eyes to some food that I never thought I would ever try. Muscles, oysters, tartar, the whole nine yards. Not to mention the best drink I think I have ever had The 18th Century. If you are ever in Chicago you have to stop in and try this place!

We had a blast shopping all day and going out on the town all night for 3 nights straight! I love Chicago and have to say I miss it a little already. More then anything it was so nice to spend time with my sister. I am so happy she has found someone like Sean to spend the rest of her life with. They just fit together. I don’t know how else to describe it.

In the end it was nice to come home to my little family. To go to bed before 10pm, and to not have to wear anything but sweat pants and an old T shirt all day on mothers day. My family was so sweet to greet me with flowers and a card at the airport. I loved them up and the went down to the basement with a large fluffy blanket and watched 50 shades of grey 🙂

I feel like it has taken all week to feel like myself again. Sleep deprivation will do that to a girl. But I feel great again and caught up whew! That is until the wedding weekend begins. 11 days and counting!!!!5:3:2015 5:16:2015 5:15:2015 5:14:2015 5:13:2015 5:12:2015 5:11:2015 5:10:2015 5:9:2015 5:8:2015 5:7:2015 5:6:2015 5:5:2015 5:4:2015

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