My 365 : April 19-25

We had a very rainy week here. Until today it has been gloomy. Because of the gloomy rain however the flowers are blooming and today the sun finally came out! I had a few later days at work so it was nice to just come home to my amazing family and just snuggle under the covers while the rain pattered on our window. I am pretty sure we have watched Mulan no less then 5 times this week (Quinn’s new favorite movie). Ethan started to wear his patch again for his lazy eye. It has been very hard on him. I wish more then anything that we would have caught it at an earlier age and I cannot help but beat myself up for not. All you can do when something stomps on your heart is count the many blessings your life holds and move forward. Everyone has their own mountains to climb. I am that much more thankful for the happiness my life posses.

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