My 365: March 29- February 4th

Wow! I am so behind on editing!!! Sorry for the late post. We had a crazy busy week. Ethan was sick Monday thru Wednesday. Ryan got sick Friday. We made the trip up to MN for my sister’s wedding shower AND Easter!! And now I am pooped and have so much to do!! The laundry is everywhere, bags to unpack… did I mention we still have not put away one of our Christmas trees? Yes that is right folks! Sooo this week I have a list and I am going to get it all done!!! Edit last weeks photos check! And it was such an amazing week despite the craziness 🙂

3:29:2015 BT1_8642-Edit BT1_8653 BT1_8666-Edit 3:30:2015 BT1_8681-Edit BT1_8809-Edit BT1_8807-Edit 3:31:2015 BT1_8817BT1_88284:1:2015 4:2:2015 4:3:2015 4:4:2015 BT1_8930 BT1_9004 BT1_9017-Edit

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